josh speidel

Turning Difficulty into Something Beautiful

Dear Parents,

Yesterday, I came across an inspirational story that is worth sharing. Josh Speidel, a University of Vermont basketball player, made his first career start and scored his first career points on the final night of his Senior season. It doesn’t sound very impressive or special at first glance, which is probably why it caught my attention. There had to be a whole lot more to the story.

What I didn’t realize is that this was a pre-arranged moment by both teams to honour the resilience of this young man after a traumatic brain injury. Five years ago, Josh was involved in a major car accident that left him fighting for his life. A star athlete in High School, Josh had been highly scouted and offered a scholarship to the University of Vermont. In an instant, he went from being a bright, talented scholar-athlete to being in a coma for 5 weeks. The doctors told him that due to the brain injury that he suffered, he would live in a vegetative state and never read above a fourth-grade level.

What caused this incredible turnaround and miracle to take place? According to his parents, God was behind it all, as they committed Josh’s life to Him through prayer and unshakable faith. As Josh started his slow process of recovery, his faith, hard work, and determination have helped him to earn a 3.4 GPA, as he prepares to graduate from university. He also got to live out his dream of playing in an NCAA College Basketball game and score, as his teammates, opponents, and the crowd erupted to cheer on his accomplishments. His biggest fan, Josh’s mother Lisa, was the most emotional, as she shared her thoughts on his journey and God’s faithfulness. 

For those desiring to read the full article, here is the link.

While there are so many different lessons and points that we can take away from this story, I’m particularly struck by how God can take the most difficult things in our lives and use them to create something beautiful. I also think about the difference that our faith in Jesus makes in those moments, as we cling to hope and faith despite the reality that we face. We can be confident that God will lead us through those dark times, and His light will shine through.

J-D Lussier, Principal