Open Bible on rock outside

The Power of Storytelling

Dear Parents,

Who doesn’t like a good story? Many leading psychologists and researchers have commented on the power of narrative in our lives. They suggest that we were created and hardwired to understand the world through stories.

For many of us, the first exposure we had to storytelling goes back to the Bible, and God’s story about humanity and how we fit into it. Stories provide much of the framework through which we experience our lives and create meaning by providing us with a context.

The business world has certainly figured this out. Most business organizations are constantly trying to sell us their story by bombarding us with commercials and ads. The most successful ones have convinced us that we need to buy into their story or be apart of it by wearing their brand and purchasing their products. The entertainment industry has followed suite by telling us so many different stories and has attempted to shape our reality by connecting to us the images and songs that they are offering.

The great news is that God’s story is redemptive and much grandeur than the other narratives vying for our attention. He invites all of us, regardless of our backgrounds and history, to daily be part of His narrative, which in turn shapes who we are. He also calls us to share His story and our own to the world around us. 

At Trinity, we are excited to play a part in God’s narrative. We desire for each person that is in our community – students, staff, parents, and supporters – to feel deeply connected and contribute to the story of our school. As part of our Strategic Plan, we want to effectively communicate, through listening and sharing, what is happening here at Trinity. This will then enable us to share our unique story outside of our community.

I am so thankful and indebted to those who started the first chapter at Trinity over 55 years ago, and all those who have contributed to the story along the way. I’m most excited about our current chapter and the pages we will be writing together this year, along with the years to follow. I invite you to contribute your voice to our story, and help us to share about what God is doing here at Trinity.

J-D Lussier, Principal