hands holding autumn leaves

Building Community

Dear parents,

I hope that you had a wonderful time with your family over the Thanksgiving break. It’s always a good opportunity to connect with family that we haven’t seen in a while. Whether everything is going great or whether someone is going through a difficult time, it is so important to find that support network.

At Trinity, we strive to be a community that operates as a family. As with every family, we aren’t perfect and don’t always agree 100% of the time on everything. Each one of us is dealing with our individual highs and lows. What’s important though, is that we feel supported by each other and feel safe to share our joys and concerns. Maybe there’s someone in our community you haven’t spoken to in a long time, or possibly there’s someone new to our community that you haven’t reached out to yet. My challenge to all of us is that we make a bit of time in the upcoming weeks to build up our community. My prayer is that we will be a vibrant community that is united in Christ and that a sense of belonging will be instilled in each one of us.

J-D Lussier, Principal