The Importance of Praise

Dear parents,

I was recently reminded of the importance praise plays in our lives. First and foremost, God created us to praise Him. Not only did He design us to praise him, but He encourages us to do so continually. What it really comes down to is that He really wants us to live out of a thankful heart, in which we recognize the blessings that He continually heaps upon us.

Since the beginning of October, the character trait that we are encouraging our students to portray is gratitude. In other words, we want them to demonstrate thankfulness to those around them and give “praise” where it is due. As we practice recognizing praiseworthy actions around us and actively thanking the people God has placed in our lives, we hope that this will ultimately help our students to offer the highest praise to God.

Over the past few weeks during chapel time, we were blessed with thoughtful reflections from our kindergarten classes who were asked what they are thankful for in their lives. You will be pleased to know that the most common response was thankfulness for you, parents. As your children go home at the end of the day, ask them what they are thankful for. I hope it will be an encouragement for you for all that you invest into your children’s lives each day.

J-D Lussier, Principal