Empowering Students

Dear parents,

Recently, I came across an article written by George Couros that reminded about the importance of empowering students. One of the biggest challenges that we face as parents and educators is knowing when to nurture and build up a child’s capacity, and when to let the child try something on their own. Much like a caterpillar that builds up its strength before a metamorphosis stage that propels them to become a butterfly, we want to equip our children to succeed, protect them, before providing them with opportunities to fly solo.

While there is no guarantee that they will fully succeed every time, it is important that they learn from the experience and grow as a result. The key is that we provide a safe space where they can land, regroup, and try again until they meet their goal.Often times, they will far exceed the expectations that we have as adults.

At Trinity, we strive to provide a space where your children will be equipped, challenged, given opportunities to showcase their individual skills, and ultimately empowered to be who God has created them to be.


J-D Lussier, Principal