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Rhythm & Routine

Dear parents,

As we began our second week of school, I was reminded of the importance of rhythm and routine in our lives. After a summer full of vacations, trips, and spontaneous engagements, the return of the school year offers us a chance to rediscover a more consistent pattern in our week. Often both parents and children begin to crave that stability by the end of August. Many educational psychologists, doctors, and health practitioners have come to the conclusion that we live more productive, balanced, and whole lives when we have good routines.

Developing that healthy balance can certainly be a challenge for us all. As we build in elements to ensure our students’ success, it is worth taking time to discuss this with your children to help them discover what a healthy routine looks like. Often we can fall into the trap of overloading our agendas (I’m certainly guilty of this at times); however, it is important to consider where to insert rest into our daily rhythms. In the same way that God ordained both work and a sabbath rest from the beginning of creation, I encourage you to consider what your children’s routine will consist of throughout the year.

J-D Lussier, Principal